The Marksman XY-001

The Marksman XY-001


The XY-001 is designed for the Total Station Surveyor looking for an accurate, effective and hands-free approach to targeting. 

The swivel feet and comfort grips make this unit both easy to carry and use to measure control points, property bars, nails, spikes, cut-crosses, monuments, anchor bolts, etc.

Equipped with a 5/8-11 thread at the rod point, this unit can accept all prism types.

This new unit is constructed of 3/4" Powder-Coated Aluminum with 8" leg base and 2.5"dia. swivel foot ensuring it won't just blow over in the wind.

There are 2 mounted tubular levels set at 90degrees and in-line with the leveling legs for quick leveling. [Level Sensitivity: 9.5' / 0.050"]

Data Collector can be mounted to the handle for complete hands-free targeting.

Take advantage of this special introductory price and increase the accuracy and productivity of your field crews.